Trü Mob started simple enough... my brother and I just wanted to be a part of something bigger, and we wanted to represent our own unique mark and message. We were always infatuated with the Mob, motorcycle clubs, etc. The name Trü Mob actually derives from our last name, Bühner (Buehner), which tied in perfectly with our idea of strength in family... That was just our way of leaving our mark, a subtle way of saying "Hey, that's us!"

We chose the mafia mentality because we wanted to push boundaries. We want to succeed in our own way, no matter how many times we've been taught to "follow the rules," because that's what it means to respect yourself and your dreams. You can succeed any way you see fit... you just have to work hard. Your struggle is mine, as mine is yours -- that, we can all agree on. We're not alone. We are 'forged by family.'

Trü Mob is about finding your OWN family and rising up, together. Not everyone will share your vision. In fact, most people won't. So fuck 'em. Let's mob!